Ultimate Power Team Comic

Ultimate Power Team – Issue 1 marks the beginning of the adventures of the Ultimate Power Team: my kids as they imagine themselves into super heroes. Illustrated in Procreate September 5th, 2021. The Standard edition cover is launching tonight September 6th, 2021 and will be 0.025 ETH in an edition of 20. The Variant edition cover is already minted, but not yet available for sale to the public. It will be listed in under a week on Sunday September 12th at 10pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) at a price of 0.25 ETH in an edition of 3. Owners of the Standard Edition will be able to purchase the Variant Edition any time before the 12th. Unlockables for both feature high res art in JPG and PNG, as well as FULL and 30 Second time lapse videos of the drawing creation.

This issue features 3 characters: Ultimate Power Ninja, Ultimate Power Astronaut, and Ultimate Power Baby.  Their powers are respectively, flight with black and red electricity as well as the idea man, super smart engineer, designer and astronaut who built the mech – with the ability to go to space without a spacesuit and has purple circle powers, and finally, a baby who drives a giant mech.

This is an original comic cover project I developed with the help of my kids, who will be profit sharing the sales from all of these comics. We like going on walks together and we come up with really fun ideas that we record as voice memos. This weekend, we came up with the Ultimate Power Team and I had to take a break from my commissions to bust it out. The kids get really inspired as we bounce ideas back and forth. They are so creative and they love talking about heroes and powers!

The concept is that the Ultimate Power Team is a consistent comic title, but the characters exist in a multiverse that only lasts one issue at a time. Like an anthology, but there will always be at least 3 core characters who are expressed differently each issue through different powers, physical representation, costumes, and all those sorts of relevant details. This solves my problem of having to constantly buy new domains – UltimatePowerTeam.com is the site – and they get to have new costumes and powers and villains for each cover.  Win-win.
The plan is to offer standard covers in a higher number of editions, and “variant” covers in smaller edition counts. Buyers of the standard edition will be given early access to buy the variant covers. I will do this through a private sale to your ethereum address on first-come-first-served basis as determined by timecode on the comments of the twitter post.

We already have the voice memo recordings for Ultimate Power Team issues 2, and 3. And the kids even decided to let Mom and Dad make a cameo in issue 3… which I’m pretty happy about. I get to be a wizard (because I have a beard).