I’m pleased to introduce the Yeti Comic, a Procreate illustrated derivative series styled to look like comic book covers. Quazr.eth commissioned issue 1. We had a fun DM thread going over the details of this artwork where I sent him progress shots, and we shared art and ideas back and forth over the last week. These illustrations take me 20-50 hours each, so I’ve started a commission list and sell them through private sales directly to the wallet of the owner. I’m really happy with how they turned out and look forward to making more illustrations like this.

So what’s the story? Why Super Yeti derivatives? I wanted to take the derivative rights and show the Yeti in a new light. These are all very different representations of the SY and show them in different, more dynamic poses than the original Super Yeti NFTs.

My other derivatives and illustrations are viewable on OpenSea.