Nobody Feels Time – Series 1 Released

Nobody Feels Time, Series 1 is out on 4-28-21. It’s a collection of 9 animations with 5-7 complimentary still images per Animation. Each video has an unlockable still image. The rest will be sold separately. There will be 1/1 originals on @opensea and cheaper but more plentiful Editions of 100 on @hicetnunc2000

This series is all about experimentation and visual exploration of light, physical surfaces, and refraction. I like playing around in 3D creating scenes that could technically be real, at least in theory. But sometimes the attributes of the lights and materials, while based in reality, are actually physically impossible. And I think that’s really cool. I really only like working in realism when it’s pushed just far enough outside the realm of actual photography that it makes something new.

I was also inspired to take many of the ideas I created in the past as still images and explore those concepts as animations. That made this project really fun and also a creative challenge at times. So this series was created from the ground up as moving images. I thought later that people might like still images for different reasons, so I hand selected 5-7 images from each animation to offer next to each.

I’m trying something new here but I’m not just dipping my toe in. I’m in no rush to sell but I’m ALL IN on #NFT media. I’m just going to keep making art and putting it out because that’s what I do. I’m just super excited to be a part of this new opportunity… that it’s possible to sell a digital art original in a secure way on the block chain.

My whole life as a traditional media artist, I’ve struggled with the idea of loving working in digital media but being conflicted that I couldn’t find a way to support myself from making that kind of art. Not everyone is so lucky that they can become a movie concept artist, or work at Pixar, and some of us really like making psychedelic abstract art so there’s not a professional career for that. And I’m happy at my job. I work as a motion graphics designer at #DailyBlastLive and it’s a really rewarding job and fun place to work. So when I say “supporting myself” I really just mean maintaining my computer gear. So I’m not talking paying off my mortgage or buying a car, just paying for computer hardware, software subscriptions, graphics tablet, monitors, iPad, etc. This stuff isn’t cheap and I use it entirely for making art. The fun thing is #NFTs aren’t limited to digital art, and even more so, this is all so new the possibilities have barely been explored. So you can expect to see NFTs of my older traditional drawings and paintings as well. I have a room full of art for collectors to eventually pick through.

If you’re interested in getting started making or collecting NFTs, I’d be glad to help walk you through the process of buying cryptocurrency and getting a wallet and talking through the concepts. Just message me on Instagram or Twitter. I’ve spent a lot of my free time in the last month helping people all around the world at the Clubhouse club NFTs.Tips #nftstips so I’m glad to help if you need it.

Lastly, thanks to everyone for all your support and likes and comments on these posts the last month or so. It was a little confusing that I posted them all first on a brand new Instagram account @nobodyfeelstime … which resulted in dual posts. But I’m glad I did so I can feature art meant for NFT release on that one, and free my regular account up for any old art post. I think that’s a healthy expectation.