Updated – Post Mental Stains

I got some more work over there on the top, bottom, and left.  I neglected the right. But that’s cool, I assure you. It’ll have it’s time. But then I rotated the image clockwise 90deg so those directions are if you tilt to the side like your head fell off.

I did some little piping… or tubing if you prefer… down from the darker bubble part.  That turned into a double colored bi-line… which then was dodged up and finally pumped to the max by a little custom texture brush I like to call “FK’D.” Download it if you want to. I mean, you should, but I won’t judge.  JeffJag_Brush_FK’D.abr Then I filled in a darker sort of inner shadow to the blue spots on the middle left. Then I sort of drew these shrinking drips in 4 colors down from the top, like they leaked out from something.

I know I did a bunch of other stuff, but that’s all that’s relevant.