I’m pleased to introduce the Yeti Comic, starting with issue #5676. a Procreate illustrated derivative commissioned by Quazr.eth for Ξ0.05. We had a fun DM thread going over the details of this artwork where I sent him progress shots, and we shared art and ideas back and forth over the last week. This illustration took me a while to finish – more than 18 hours over about a week’s worth of late nights, and I put down over 50,000 marks in this drawing. I’m really happy with how it turned out and look forward to making more illustrations like this.

The idea I came up with is that I wanted to do the illustrations of the Yetis in different, more dynamic poses than the original Super Yeti NFTs. That evolved to sort of comic-inspired poses, and then it just turned into a full-blown comic book cover with the company and comic title up at the top. So I went and grabbed which currently points to this post, and set up the subdomain for this site so I can collect and list comic art here and link to other projects if I do more than the Yetis. Who knows what’s next.

But here’s where it all started. I’ve been doing Procreate illustration derivatives of various NFT collectible projects for a few weeks now, viewable on OpenSea. Starting with the NFTs. I’ve done 8 and counting Strawberry derivatives based on the original pixel art that I went and added detail to make them more fleshed out and weird. They make me laugh. Then I did a few drawings of the Deebies over at for the Hiding Deebies Challenge, which I won and that snagged me Deebie 0058! So I’m on a roll here, having a blast making digital art on my iPad. #JeffJag of Super Yeti #5676